Far within the depths of the structure’s oceans lies a civilization far more advanced than any terrestrial counterpart. Cities of immense size filled with wonders inconceivable to the uninformed stick out as lit oases amidst the unending abyss. The Nokk prize technology and science above all.

While their realm has been ever-expanding, the underwater world they inhabit is vast and thus, they have yet to come into conflict with other races. For now, they are satisfied with setting up terrestrial outposts and the occasional abduction of surface dwellers, be it for experimentation or to serve as curios that their lords can boast about.


The story about the origin of the Nokk is one of conflict, suffering, and resilience. What we today know as the Nokk are, in fact, an extremely ancient species of sapients that evolved alongside the Shifters on the giant ocean world of Kallol. For countless eons, these two races struggled for supremacy over the planet. However, in the end, it was the Shifters who emerged victorious and they subjected their long-time foe to a punishment more dreadful than death itself.

Reduced to mindless blobs devoid of consciousness, the Nokk became nothing more than expendable resources, exploited by the triumphant Shifters as they saw fit and subject to the most heinous of indignities. Their once-great civilization was left to crumble into oblivion and condemned to be entirely forgotten.

Yet, the Nokk, ever resourceful, had foreseen this dire outcome. Deep within their genetic code, they had inscribed a blueprint for resurgence, a dormant DNA sequence that would enable them to once again reclaim their true form.

As the eons passed and the Shifters’ presence waned, the Nokk found themselves sealed within the ark, shielded from the outside world. It was within this sanctuary that their rebirth began. Each succeeding lineage carried the faint glimmers of their true form, shedding the shackles of their amorphous existence with measured precision.

It was a slow and deliberate process, a meticulous dance between biology and destiny. Gradually, their gelatinous forms took on defined shapes and structures, as if reclaiming fragments of their ancestral heritage. Limbs sprouted, sinewy appendages coiled, and their once-undifferentiated mass began to mold into distinct individuals.

From depths of desolation, they had emerged as a race reborn, ready to claim dominion over their new realm and, one day, take their revenge on their ancient foe.

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