The Human-Bea’viskarian War was a brief conflict between the two species. Following contact, the human mission, in an attempt to impress the Bea’viskar, showed them the ‘internet’ – calling it their greatest creation.

However, the outcome was not as intended. The Bea’viskar was deeply affronted by the contents of this ‘internet’ and, within one solar year, a majority of their populace were clamoring for war. Following the war declaration, the Bea’viskar released a crypto-phage that quickly spread and disabled humanity’s entire digital infrastructure, collapsing their economy and rendering their defenses useless. In just 8 minutes, the war was concluded. The takeover was largely peaceful save for pockets of isolated resistance in a few sectors.

Internet influencer art
The Bea’viskar society was particularly horrified by human ‘Influencer’ culture, which they likened to a civilizational disease hindering the species’ societal progress. [Art by member Bo Jiang]

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