Plot Introduction

“We reached into the stars dreaming of infinite prosperity…. little did we know we were a prey alerting our presence to the many beasts that lurked in the dark jungle.”

The second great cataclysm tears the Galaxy asunder. The Bea’viskar and humanity, ever in an uneasy alliance, fight in a war of annihilation against the Deluge onslaught. Meanwhile, opportunistic factions are ever watchful for any chance to further their own cause inside the galaxy ablaze. The Shifters, a proud and ancient culture look to side with whichever of the two can guarantee their survival.

Elsewhere, in the further fringes of the galaxy, a dormant Matrioshka brain awakens and breaks established protocols to pursue its own enigmatic designs. Meanwhile, united under an ambitious leader, the Kayvara prepare their mighty star fleets for total conquest.

Amidst it all, in a forgotten sector of space, in a space ark long sealed off, events tell their own stories. In a world regressed into superstition and technology forgotten, kingdoms rise and fall, legends emerge, and primitive cultures clash for supremacy. Violence, after all, is the most primordial of all conducts