Twisted forms emerge,

Echoes of lost nobility,

Survival’s cruel dance.

Gobos are a nuisant race that inhabit the swamplands of the Known World. As individuals, they are pests, and as a group, dangerous adversaries to travelers and settlers alike. They reside on the fringes of civilization, ever seeking opportunity to prey on the unfortunate and the foolish.

Though not of remarkable intelligence, they possess a primal cunning. They are known to make use of weapons and tools. Although, these are often not of their own making but stolen or scavenged from their fallen victims.

Every other sapient race regards them as vermin and spares no mercy in killing them on sight.

What is forgotten is that the gobos, too, were once noble beings, made victims at the hands of a cruel tyrant in their hour of desperation.

Before the ark was sealed off, there existed a city of immense splendor, home to thinkers, philosophers, and artists of all kinds.

Once contact with the wider galaxy was lost, here, as in everywhere else on Infinity Horizon, anarchy ensued. There simply weren’t enough resources around to sustain this many people. Technology, which had made them the masters of the cosmos, slumbered into oblivion.

What had been unheard of in lifetimes became the common truth. Violence, disease, and suffering become the new reality.

And, in such times, people lose reason and look for a messiah to save them from this darkness.

…yet salvation would not come from the promised messiah, but rather damnation.

A charismatic figure emerged to take the helm of the fallen society and upend anarchy. He promised “enhancements” to loyal followers – the means that would help to not simply survive but thrive in this chaos.

The terrifying part was…he delivered.

His scientists conducted brutal experiments, manipulating the genetic code of people to create stronger, more resilient beings capable of surviving the harsh swamp environment.

Those subjected to these cruel experiments began to diverge significantly from their original form, gradually transforming into twisted creatures.

Their bodies elongated and became more slender, allowing for swift movement through the dense foliage. Their limbs, while thin, grew incredibly strong, capable of propelling them swiftly through both land and water.

The facial structure, the mark of their humanity, suffered the worst corruption, symbolizing their descent into monstrosity. It elongated and took on a reptilian appearance, resembling that of a crocodile. This adaptation provided them with powerful jaws, perfect for catching and devouring their prey whole.

Under the tyrant, those deemed weak or disobedient were systematically culled. Only the most ruthless and cunning individuals were allowed to survive and reproduce, perpetuating the cycle of brutality.

And so was the promise fulfilled.

Now the tyrant and his scientist ruled over an obedient, mutated mass of unpeople, conditioned like dogs to obey their masters.

Nevertheless, in the relentless march of time, they too faded, as did the great city, knowledge, and glory of the original humanity. All that remained were the gobos – made too resilient by cruel fate to continue and survive and so they do and will up till the end of days.

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