Humans are the second advanced sapient life to emerge on planet Earth. Humans, as are all living complex life on Earth, share a part of their DNA with a Deluge host that arrived on the planet some 2 billion years ago.

Despite almost destroying itself in a catastrophic environmental disaster, humanity managed to preserve and thrive again. 3000 years after achieving space flight, humanity boasted a space-faring empire that stretched some 1000 light-years within the Orion Arm.

Humanity’s initial reign within the stars, however, was brief. Among the first space civilization they encountered was the much more advanced Bea’viskar. Hostilities were quick to ensue and in a brief war lasting 8 minutes, humanity was subjugated; their realm was absorbed into the ever-expanding Bea’viskarian empire.

Humanity regained its independence following the YeXXx rebellion. And from thereon, their civilization progressed at a break-neck pace through technological leap-frogging, with Earth coming to represent the cultural and financial capital of the galactic community.

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