Known in history as the bloodiest human rebellion against the Bea’viskar rule, the conflict lasted for nearly 15 years and left nearly 30 billion people dead. The insurrection is named after its chief instigator, YeXXx. After failing in his ambition to become a rapper, YeXXx fell sick and became bedridden for several days.

During that time, some sources say he received messages from a being beyond the veil. However, other claims that he just overdosed on heavy stimulants and experienced a severe hallucination.

Regardless of what is true, after his recovery, he began claiming himself to be the brother of Yarge Washinton, a semi-mythical freedom fighter from Earth’s past. Preaching he was sent by God to rid the worlds of these Bea’viskar devils, he quickly amassed a small following.   

Bea’viskar intelligence initially ignored his movement, seeing it as yet another harmless example of human eccentricity. However, following the bombing of the Galactic Trade Center which was linked to the movement, operations began to eliminate the threat.

To the surprise of Bea’viskar’s leadership, the initial task force sent to quell the insurrectionists was quickly repulsed. YeXXx, now styling himself as Dez King, then launched his own invasion of the planet An’verlnas in the neighboring system, TRAPPIST-1, the de facto capital of the Tweedum Consortium. The star system was an important commercial partner of the Bea’viskar Empire. Its sudden loss and the bloody 100 days massacre that followed in which YeXXx’s followers butchered every Bea’viskar present escalated the conflict. Humans and strangely enough, many Tweedums,  from all over the empire flocked to the planet to “teach those squidfucks a lesson.”

As the movement gained momentum, more planets were lost and a flood of Bea’viskar refugees inundated any nearby safe heaven. Soon enough, the Bea’viskar Empire was at risk of losing the entire sector. Worse still, news emerged that the Kirtimukha Hegemony, sensing the growing weakness, was preparing its fleets to seize the resource-rich sub-sector Transit Unto Dawn (NGC 6656).

The Bea’viskar leadership was at a loss for what to do. Unlike any previous conflict the Bea’viskar had confronted, this rebellion was characterized by its relative lack of technological sophistication, with virtually no A.I. present as a belligerent on the rebel’s side. This denied the Bea’viskar their usual edge in warfare – cyber hacking. As the rebels gained ground, it became apparent that this won’t be any ‘bloodless’ solution to the conflict and so, the Bea’viskar began mobilizing their war machines to the frontline. The resulting 6-months offensive put a damnable end to the rebellion, leaving many planets scorched and the death tally in billions.

Though the Bea’viskar Empire won, in the eyes of its subjects, it had lost the mandate to rule – no longer being perceived as the civilizing custodian it purported itself to be. Weakened from the war and having no ideological counter to the growing resentment, the Bea’viskar administration issued a referendum. Sectors could decide to remain with the empire, become independent, or join a species-compatible state. The Bea’viskar Empire, now the United Bea’viskar Dominion, invited these newly formed states into an economic association simply referred to as the Commonwealth. From this organization, would eventually be created the Galactic Union.

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