What passes off as a Bea’viskar are in fact two species in symbiosis. The Bea, a sentient lifeform, has come to rely on the Viskar for its nutritional needs. The Viskar, in turn, is offered a host that provides protection and mobility. Millions of years of co-evolution have led to the Bea developing higher intelligence at the determinant of losing their ability to self-metabolize nutrients.   

Bea’viskar Society

Unlike human society, Bea’viskar society has always been non-hierarchical. This is because it is hard to establish rigid class structures when the most basic essentials to a Bea’viskar – food and sunlight – are not something any other can control and monopolize.

Though long-lived and gifted as a species, there is only so much a single Bea’viskar can do alone. When joint effort is required to complete a task, the Bea’viskar will form a committee. For even grander initiatives, multiple committees may merge to form a collective. In rarer cases, even collectives may join together to form what is called a syndicate.

These arrangements are always temporary; as soon the task is done, the groupings dissolve.  Humans see Bea’viskar way of organizing as chaotic. Meanwhile, the Bea’viskar don’t care as they see humans as stupid.

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