In a land long forsaken,
Amidst the ruins of the forgotten age,
Lies the abode of the legendary drakons,
Terrifying beasts that no one dares to engage.

Their scales are black as the abyss,
Their eyes red as the burning coal,
Their roars shake the earth and sky,
And their fire melts even the hardest stone.

No knight or wizard can stand against them,
No army or weapon can make them flee,
For they are the mightiest of all creatures,
And their wrath is like an unbridled sea.

Among the most legendary lifeforms inhabiting Infinity Horizon are the Drakons. Native to an unknown alien planet, these massive sentient species can grow to sizes rivaling that of the Daityas. This is largely owing to their highly efficient respiratory system and their unique diet – rock minerals that are biosynthesized by their gut bacteria. Drakons can also vary drastically in color, depending on the mineral composition of their diets.

The glowing ‘eyes’ on the face are actually opening for air intake. The air is then combined with chemicals released from special glands at high pressure and spewed out the mouth, causing combustion. The actual eyes are those seen on the antennas.

Due to their immense size and strength, as well as their ability to breathe fire, Drakons are known to be quite dangerous. Their thick mineralized skin provides them with natural armor, and the largest of them are known to be even capable of destroying entire cities of pre-gunpowder societies.  

Dragons undergo two stages of metamorphosis, starting out as small flying creatures that travel in flocks that develop into more solitary juveniles and finally into their gargantuan flightless forms.

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