A marvel of Bea’viskarian engineering, Infinity Horizon is a Dyson Sphere with its inner surface serving as a habitat. The megastructure is named so because, from a perspective of a person on the ground, the horizon seems to stretch endlessly. At 0.04 AU in diameter, it has a surface area nearly 882,352.9 times that of Earth.

It now serves as the last refugia of sentient life in the Deluge-infested side of the galaxy. Against the unrelenting onslaught of the Deluge, the Bea’viskar Empire, lacking the time to evacuate, simply sealed off the structure as they fled, preventing any life signature from being detected within. The various cultures inside, left to their own devices, would over the centuries lose much of their original knowledge and technology and regress into various stages of barbarity.

The sphere revolves around a variable white dwarf star, which fluctuates in brightness every 27 Earth hours, representing on the inner surface ‘night’ and ‘day.’

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