The daitya, hailing from the low-gravity planet of Laksha, are a race of super-massive intelligent beings with the largest specimens reaching heights of up to 300 feet. Aside from their immense size, two other aspects make the daitya notable: their unique means of communication and their syncretic relationship with another advanced species. Instead of visuals or sound as apparent in most other advanced lifeforms, the daitya communicate through smell, possessing the largest and most advanced olfactory organ of any species in the galaxy, with their sensitivity to smell being 400 times more than that of Earth’s elephants. Due to this, they can detect distinct smells from more than 10,000 miles away. Though often solitary, they remain in constant communication with others of their kind, sharing what they learn and see. Each daitya is attended to and worshipped by a tribe of Davanas, whom they control through pheromones. Though human and Bea’viskar researchers have determined their present civilization to be rather primitive, the deteriorating ruins of massive artificial structures and an unusually high level of radiation in certain hotspots point to a more advanced bygone age.

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