Gulabs, or directly translated from the local tongue ‘shiny life’, are the personal ‘supply pack’ for all Nasnas combatants and hunters. Gulabs have a number of features that make them useful, even vital to have on long journeys and wartime. Gulabs secrete an anti-septic ‘healing balm’ that, when exposed to an open wound, both disinfects and slows bleeding, the secretion can be seen on its skin as well as its underbelly giving it a shiny coating. The second use for the Gulab is its large sterile ‘mouth’. Food, water, and even objects can be stored within, closing to be airtight. As the Gulab is fed using a pseudo-tongue on the underside of its tail, it will stay shut until the host Nasnas opens it.

Entry by sci-fi artist Bigdaddycoatesy. 

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