The Nasnas are a unique sapient race with a weird series of adaptations, even compared to where they come from.

They evolved from a group of primitive quadrupedal omnivores that still had partially finned arms and legs. These animals were fairly unspecialized but were beginning to use their intelligence and form ‘camps’ to hunt and forage.

One important note was that they laid eggs and the newborns would be unable to fend for themselves for a large part of their youth; the world was harsh and younglings would die quickly when unattended. For this reason, parent Nasanii would attempt to carry eggs and young with one of their back, finned legs as they traveled, protecting them from predators.

Over time the Nasanii that carried their young developed a weaker and less developed ‘cupped’ fin to hold the egg while the other limbs developed real and powerful two-toed limbs. To conserve energy, while the creatures ran, the front leg mirroring the functioning back leg would be raised into the air. This also increased their gait.

Tripping over would usually be a problem but due to their heavy tail and raised back leg, the Nasanii would be perfectly balanced and adapted for this body plan.

These adaptations came together and alongside a growing cognition, the Nasanii would become the first sapients to evolve on their home planet. However, unable to truly make tools, they came to rely on domesticated creatures and companions to hunt with, live with, and go to war with.

Such include:

Entry by the brilliant sci-fi artist Bigdaddycoatesy. 

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