Alien weapon
Top-down view

Amphipteres are the most recent addition to the Nasanii arsenal, used by only a small number of combatants they were introduced after years of domestic modification and training. By nature, Amphipteres are extremely hostile and for that very reason, they were domesticated and trained for interspecies combat and warfare.

Amphipteres venom are also extremely toxic to Nasanii nervous systems; they are feared in nature for their speed and toxicity. Domesticating them was unheard of and seen as suicide as even the most docile Amphipteres could get restless.

It’s for this reason a small number of Nasanii combatants use them, trained to be docile to select individuals through pheromones. They remain docile until the Nasnas launch them with their finned back leg. After being thrown an Amphiptere can glide for a number of minutes flying straight towards the Nasnas predisposed target, bites only once, and quickly returns. Nasanii do not form bonds with these creatures.

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