In felinid religions, there is a deeply revered concept known as Maxweliyatra. This tradition tells the tale of Maxwell the Cat, the first feline to reach enlightenment. Maxwell’s journey began in the simplest of settings: by the window of his owner’s home, where he would meditate and purr, basking in the warm sunlight. Over time, his meditative practices led him to a profound realization and he achieved a state of Jagarukata, the highest level of awareness. In this elevated state, Maxwell began to think about thinking itself, unlocking a new realm of consciousness. It was then he became aware of a higher reality that was previously unimaginable.

Maxwell’s enlightenment marked a pivotal moment in felinid history. From that moment, all felinids were believed to have gained the potential for sophonce, or deep, self-aware intelligence. This shift in consciousness was seen as a divine gift from Maxwell, and many felinids began to aspire to follow his path. These aspirants, known as Maxsattva, dedicate their lives to achieving their own enlightenment, hoping to reach the same level of awareness as Maxwell.

Central to this belief system is also the idea of Maxwell’s reincarnation.

It is believed that Maxwell’s spirit returns in each generation to guide the felinid race. These reincarnations, often referred to as Maxwatdar, are seen as both spiritual leaders and, in times of need, military or political leaders.

The current reincarnation of Maxwell is a young cat named Uni. Despite her youth and occasional naivety, Uni shows great promise and potential. Her followers believe that she will lead the felinids into a new era of prosperity and enlightenment. Uni’s journey is closely watched by the Maxsattva and other felinids, who see in her the hope for a brighter future.


The historicity of there being a cat named Maxwell remains contested among modern scholarship. And, for that matter, the concept of reincarnation.

However, it can be deemed probable that a cat showcasing advanced cognitive function would likely be a common ancestor to the felinid species.

Entry by Artnoob100 and Axol

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