Felinids are sentient cats endowed with remarkable intelligence. Through deliberate breeding and selective practices, humans over the many millennia elevated these feline creatures to the status of sophonts and thus an equal contributor to the state of their society. Further deliberate acts of adaptions led to them possessing flexible fingers and opposable thumbs flexible fingers as well as a prehensile tail.

Still retaining their adept means of manipulation and stealth, they have come to occupy a certain niche in human and other advanced societies, playing the role of spies, assassins, and diplomats.

This act of intelligent selection reflects a profound philosophical insight- the affirmation of the reciprocal relationship between evolution and life. Just as evolution has shaped and molded countless species over vast eons towards greater agency. They, in turn, armed with self-awareness and purpose, have taken on the role of co-creators, actively participating in shaping the future of life itself. In a way, it can be also viewed as reflecting a species’ most primordial desire – ensuring its own continuity in some form through its legacy.

This race is a product of a collab between community members Neil Kynes and Artnoob100.

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