The Glotti are agile arboreal hunters that prey upon smaller creatures by either grabbing them with their four quick legs or trapping them in their strong mandibles.

Unlike other creatures used by the Nasnas, Glotti were not sought out. Instead, they developed their domesticated traits after being ‘tolerated’ by the hunters and the like, perching on their tails or spine protrusions.

Their eye panel is very developed in comparison to the Nasaniis, being able to ‘see’ animals and objects from very far away. They now serve yet another vital role in the Nasaniis arsenal, working in mating pairs and being used as information gatherers in hunts and wars.

They can quickly differentiate between prey, friends, and foes and even gather important resources like rations and water. They have a number of air sacs running along their endoskeletons and have specialized stomachs that can hold a small amount of excess food or water.

Entry by sci-fi artist Bigdaddycoatesy. 

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