The Kayvara are a progenitor hivemind, led by a semi-autonomous leader caste. They are a purely space-bound civilization. If they had a home planet, any information on it or its ultimate fate has been lost to obscurity for the Kayvara keep no written records and rarely share what they know.

The Kayvara have no standard inherent anatomy, having the form of a shapeless, writhing dark sludge. Most other civilizations, however, aren’t privy to their real appearance. The Kayvara are highly sensitive to light. Thus, any contact with outsiders is made in specially designed ‘suits’ which may house many Kayvara speaking as one individual. These suits often tend to be highly ornate. The Kayvara, after all, have realized that to strike a good deal, presentation matters.

During the Second Great Cataclysm, one of their throngs was suddenly cut off from the rest of the hive on the ark, Infinity Horizon. This would give rise to a new strand referred to as the ‘necromancers.’

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