Suddenly cut off from the rest of the hive, the kayvara throng present on the ark, Infinity Horizon, was quick to degenerate into a feral and ravenous host…that is until the emergence of the first necromancer – the one who betrayed. Being cut off from the greater gestalt consciousness had little impact on him for he was the first leader-caste kayvara to be truly free and aware of his own individuality. And…with individuality comes a desire for power and self-preservation. He killed off the rest of the leader caste so that he and his offspring alone would command authority over the great host.

Thereafter he led a century-long bloody campaign of conquest, felling even the mightiest of kingdoms and slaughtering its inhabitants to a man. None could resist the Dark tide.

Yet, the great Betrayer himself would be betrayed by his scions and chaos would follow within the Blood Court as each heir attempted to wield control all for themselves. At present, the court lies fractured with the Betrayer’s originally vast empire now divided into a mosaic of various petty fiefdoms and strongholds, as much at war with each other as with outsiders.

To other primitive cultures of infinity horizon, this kayvara offshoot is referred to as the Necromancers because they seemingly are able to raise the dead. However, in reality, it is merely the formless kayvara finding dead bodies as a convenient structure to latch on to – the skeleton providing a rigid support frame for greater function and the rotting soft parts around it a ready source of nutrition. 

The lords of the Blood Court take the possession of the dead a bit further and, as some might say, make it into an ‘artform.’ Grafting parts from various bodies, they fashion for themselves resplendent amid macabre dresses.

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