Geb is a water-dominated world, with expansive oceanic realms covering the majority of its surface. The shallow coastal waters give way to deep, mysterious abysses, and towering underwater volcanos. The planet is also highly bio-diverse, home to a stunning array of marine life. The coastal and shallow water regions are dominated by the Ambulanavidae, crowned by the huge Scarlet Sailor. These giants are pivotal to the ecosystem dynamics of Geb. As generalists, they play a significant role in maintaining the balance by reshaping their surroundings. Though their feeding habits are indiscriminate and occasionally destructive, they inadvertently provide sustenance to a plethora of xenorganisms and other creatures, creating a complex web of life in their wake.

Deeper in the abyss, the planet’s environs are less well-documented. What is, however, known is that species here can get absolutely gargantuan, as exemplified by the poorly known Dreadnought Ghost-Titan.

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