The Needleshell is a tiny burrowing creature that has adapted to enjoy a mutualistic relationship with the predatory Gutpeircer.

The large carnivore shoots the Neeldleshell into prey using its needle. Once inside, the Needleshell will soon begin boring its way through the muscle and fat of the prey animal. To kill the animal as quickly as possible, the Needleshell aims for the heart and brain, destroying any ligament or organ in the path. Once the prey has been killed (usually 15-20 mins after insertion) They will consume their fill and will burrow out of the body, once out of the body, they will secret a powerful pheromone to help Gutpeircer locate the body.

To rip through their prey’s body, the Needleshell has adapted a strong serrated saw on the front.  The “teeth ” on this saw are attached to muscle at the base of the needle allowing it to quickly wiggle in place and saw through flesh with ease. Their forearms have also adapted to quickly claw their way through the innards of prey.

About once a year, the Gutpeircer will begin searching for a mate. When two Exos mate, so do their Needleshells, which are hermaphrodites. They will lay their eggs alongside their host’s eggs. Once these eggs hatch, the young Gutpeircer and Needleshells will quickly form their lifelong bond.

Entry by community member, Caper and Wendiglue. 

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