Haunting the the fog-covered swamps of the Veiled Mire is the Nortvitch Hideback, a 6ft tall lanky amphibious with powerful limbs it uses to effortlessly navigate through its environs. The species is known to be an active hunter, stalking its prey in silence, moving slowly so as not to alert its victim.

However should the said victim detect its presence, it would change tactics and start leaping and running toward it. They are also known to make a loud screeching sound when spotted.

Every now and then, the occasional traveler or foolish adventurer might wander in its territory….usually never come out. These creatures have powerful bites and arms able to disable and kill prey in a matter of minutes. The hideback can climb trees, swim well, and run at a decent speed. They get their name due to their hunting methods, they stalk prey and usually hide behind trees or thick vegetation to avoid detection. If a hideback is after you, you would hear the occasional twig breaking and small pattering footsteps but think nothing of it…only to eventually turn around and find…well, nothing. You would be kept wondering, your senses on edge until suddenly, the foliage behind you rustles with an unnatural force. In a heartbeat, you realize the hideback has found you, its primal growl sending a chill down your spine….the last thing you ever hear.

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