The salt strider is among the largest fauna found on the desert planet of Garmiwala and curiously subsists on among the smallest living organisms here. When it rains, the vast salt flats transform into a surreal expanse of crystal clear lakes that give an illusion of a giant natural mirror. It is also when various plankton-like organisms hatch from their cysts and proliferate rapidly. In the brief period lasting some 3-4 months, the salt striders would filter-feed on these critters before digging themselves into the mud to hibernate in the 10 or so Earth months the planet enters its dry summer period. The long front ‘limb’ is actually the creature’s specialized proboscis which it used to suck in prey.

The salt striders are a relatively intelligent animal; some researchers speculate them to be as smart as Earth’s elephants and are equally as curious. They live in large clans that can number up to 200 individuals.

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