Growing to truly massive sizes is a difficult task, especially if your diet consists mostly of meat. However, on the highly bio-diverse planet of Laksha, finding enough to eat meals isn’t as hard, especially if primary food sources are the many titans of the world you inhabit.

Restricted to flat terrain by their weight, Spearmouth hunt across vast plains of the Bara Ga, chasing migratory titans of the continent. With great hearing and smell, along with the ability to sense vibrations through their six feet, they can easily locate potential prey or perhaps steal an existing kill. Considering the intimidation of their size, rarely ever do other predators contest their seizure.

Spearmouth are known to be tenacious hunters. They will stalk their prey for days, never letting it really rest, slowly exhausting it. Once they do catch their prey, they’ll stab them with their sharp lower jaw and dispatch them with a killing bite. Their bites can easily crush thick bones, and a powerful radula allows them to consume prey more easily without chewing. Although tearing food into pieces is also an option.

To function at such a large size, Spearmouth evolved a number of different adaptations. It boasts a large sail on its back to lose excess heat. It also features a respiratory opening near its back to allow for easier intake of oxygen. While technically cold-blooded, Spearmouth’s mass means that they can easily preserve heat. They also have a sort of proboscis below their jaws for drinking.

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