Within the outer edge of the Perseus Arm lies an unusual region of space known as the Void-Rift. It is characterized by immense instability, intense gravitational forces, and irregular spatial distortions. Essentially, the Void-Rift is a region of space where the fabric of the universe is disrupted, creating anomalies and gravitational fluctuations. In theory, the region should be hostile to any form of life yet, even here, living forms have adapted to its strange and unforgiving conditions.

Among such life are the Voritounn, an ancient and evolved alien race, which possess a unique adaptation that allows them to live within this highly volatile region. As such, they are also commonly referred to as “Rift-walkers.”

The Voritounn’s ability to exist in the Void-Rift may be attributed to a combination of physiological, genetic, and technological factors. They have likely developed advanced biological systems that can withstand extreme gravitational forces and adapt to irregular spatial distortions. Among such adaptation is the presence of a special organ within their heads that allow them to generate and manipulate quantum fields that interface with the fabric of reality. In layman’s terms, this is referred to as “Psionic energy.”

Though the exact mechanism behind it remains unknown. However, researchers speculate that this ability may stem from the distinct nature of Voritounn’s brain waves, which are electromagnetic, rather than electrical, in nature. It is argued that their special organ amplifies these electromagnetic brain waves and allows them to interact with the surroundings at a nanoscopic level, influencing the behavior of subatomic particles or even larger-scale phenomena.

Voritounn Society

Unlike other organic sapients, Voritounn society has been defined by a high degree of cohesiveness, with factional hostility virtually non-existent. This, in turn, has led to their societies being highly democratic and stable.

Further atypical for an advanced species, Voritounn are also highly religious and hold their gods in high regard – a trait shared only by one other documented advanced species – the Tweedum.

In Voritounn society, theology is often considered a respected career and there exists hundreds of gods in Voritounn mythology. Their own religion mainly revolves around holy books containing speeches, quotes, and tales told by the gods worshipped by their kind. A central theme to their beliefs is the concept of Alk’sa – one’s quest to find the ultimate truth.

Although, isolationist, Vorital Empire remains on friendly terms with most of the galactic community. Their official policy is to try to avoid conflict as much as possible but they understand it is necessary in some cases.

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