With the creation of each new map, we allow our community members to fill it up with their own creatively designed factions. The winner is selected through popular vote and receives a special prize.

Please read the instructions carefully before submitting your entry.


To participate in the contest, you must design a fictional nation on the map provided. Your entry must include the following details:

  1. Flag art: Create a unique flag for your nation representing its values and culture.
  2. Government type: Choose a government type for your nation, such as a feudal kingdom, republic, principality, tribal council, etc.
  3. Race: Create an original spec-evo race for your nation or choose from the options available.
  4. Details about its lore: Describe the culture, history, and religion of your nation in detail.
  5. Location: Place your nation’s borders on the map provided.
  6. Your entry must be completely fictional and NOT a parody of any real-world nation, past or present.


To submit your entry, join the community platform and post your entry in the #events channel. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 20 May.



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