With the Ark sealed off, humans inhabiting Infinity Horizon were forced to adapt to their new harsh and unforgiving reality of total isolation. Cut off from the advanced technology and knowledge of their ancestors for countless cycles, the various cultures within the sphere have developed their own unique traditions and beliefs.

Some humans have turned to the worship of powerful deities, believing that they hold the key to unlocking the secrets of their ancient civilization. Others have embraced the teachings of druids and shamans, seeking to reconnect with the natural world and harness the power of magic. Still, others have turned to an alliance with dark entities, seeking power and control at any cost.

The various human cultures within the sphere have also developed their own social structures and hierarchies. Some have formed nomadic tribes, traveling the vast deserts and trading goods with other tribes. Others have built sprawling industrial societies, ruled by powerful autocrats or elected rulers. And some have formed small, tight-knit communities, living off the land and relying on each other for survival.

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