From time unknown since being sealed off, countless civilizations have risen, prospered, fallen, and turned to ashes on this space ark only for the pattern to repeat again. Roughly every 10 thousand years, the star heats up, scorching the surface and undoing any progress that sentient life managed on the surface. As the star cools again, survivors build upon the ruins and the Cycle repeats. Because more of the ancient technology and knowledge becomes lost with the end of each cycle, successive civilizations are condemned to a lesser state than the last. However, legend tells that one day a civilization will arise that will break the cycle and achieve moksha – a  period of true progress and enlightenment. Whether this will ever come to pass remains to be seen. For now, the cycle will continue, and the space ark will endure, as it has for countless millennia.

This concept was created by community member, Mugen.

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