To most inhibiting the ark, werewolves are the stuff of folklore mothers tell their children before bedtime. However, werewolves are real and they stalk the dark hours just outside the boundaries of the civilized world ever in search of warm flesh to feast on. Werewolves are the descendants of human settlers of Baraf Vani. Colonized during the early days of humanity’s foray into the stars, settlers on generation ships were genetically modified to easily adapt to their new environment. With the planet showcasing vast seasonal temperature swings, with winters being easily brutal, the settlers exhibited some peculiar gene expressions which have been retained and further enhanced by their descendants due to selective pressure.

As the temperature drops below a certain threshold, the werewolves undergo significant physical changes, including developing a thick fur cover, heightened metabolism, and various predatory adaptations. Their feet become digitigrade, and their tibia and fibula fuse, allowing for a faster and more efficient suspension to hunt prey. The underfeet become overly callous, providing the necessary traction and insulation needed to navigate the treacherous and cold terrain.

As the spring thaw arrives, they shed their fur and revert back to their human forms, which are almost indistinguishable from the base human form, save for some very subtle features.

This race is a result of a collab between community members Neil Kynes and Artnoob100.

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