The ark, Infinity Horizon, is home to many strange and terrible life forms. However, few inspire as much fear and dread as the Branta Ezekiel, a former waterfowl that evolved from Earth’s common wild goose. Intelligent, highly aggressive, and hunting in groups, they are well capable of killing even large prey.

Flying in a V-formation, they would travel long distances in search of ample prey. They would fly until the “leader” of the flock discovers a suitable prey item, after which the entire flock would swarm the ill-fated animal, using their sharp teeth to tear out vital parts while it is still alive.

They usually start with the eyes or the stomach and will attack a large prey animal for hours on end, until it either bleeds out or collapses from exhaustion or pain. But these geese will also gladly scavenge cadavers left behind by other predators.

A close-up of a hunter geese

These birds are agile fliers and have evolved thicker necks than their ancestral semi-aquatic forms to pack more muscle behind their bite force. They have also evolved rudder-like tail feathers to aid in their maneuverability while flying, evolving convergently with the build of large birds of prey like eagles and hawks. Being descendants of Canadian geese, they also do not fear humans or, for that matter, other sentient life.

This guest entry was made by an spec-evo artist

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