It’s another rainy day in the forests of Laksa, you’re a small creature foraging for food in the dark undergrowth. Thunder encloses the forest floor with the sound echoing throughout the trees with each lightning faintly illuminating your surroundings. But over all the sounds of thunder and rain, you hear something in the trees above you. You start picking up speed and yet the sounds keep getting louder and closer. Until it suddenly stops…


…the branches above snap, the thunder crackles, and the predator that has been stalking you latches onto you. It slowly drains you of your life with its clawed limbs and razor-sharp teeth. It seemingly finds joy as you scream in pain. The noise attracts more of them before you’re finally silenced with a massive bite to your neck laced with powerful savagery. As the world slowly fades, you wonder when did nightmares become reality?

The Dropeariler is an apex predator of life within the canopy, where it reigns supreme, stalking and hunting smaller creatures that crawl and walk on more stable ground below. Equipped with a set of powerful limbs, the Dropeariler will navigate the tangled labyrinth of branches with unparalleled agility and grace. Its lower legs are adapted for gripping and anchoring to the swaying boughs, while its four upper limbs, elongated and muscular, serve as deadly instruments of capture and manipulation.

Rather curiously, the Dropeariler doesn’t have lungs. The environment is so humid that oxygen can be absorbed directly through its skin and gills.

This entry was a result of a collab between Dupers and Bigdaddycoatesy [artist].


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