To an uninformed observer, they may appear as megalithic structures – lifeless and unmoving. However, this is a mere misjudgment born from the relatively of time. What are centuries for other lifeforms are mere passing moments for the Gesipids. A silica-based lifeform, they communicate through emitting electromagnetic radiation. Large networks of communications can form between various Gesipids scattered throughout a region, resembling a biological ‘internet’ of sort.

Gesipid languages are extremely rich and complex. Whereas a human language may have words in the hundreds of thousands, the simplest of Gesipid languages boasts hundreds of billions. Gesipids don’t die from old age but rather live so long that they eventually ‘cease’ thinking.

Gesipids are classified as a hyper-intelligent species, capable of complex mental processes comparable to that of even the most advanced level-5 artificial intelligence.

In the present, a few Gesipid still remain, most having perished in the Second Great Cataclysm. Many can be found residing within the Great Bea’viskarian megastructure, Infinity Horizon. Here they are an object of worship among certain primitive cultures settled here.

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