Hotenten are a reptilian race documented to be native to the Lands of Wah, although in recent history they have also come to settle in the Known World.

Primarily a seafaring society, the Hotenten have come to forge various kingdoms based on trade, exploring distant lands and establishing prosperous colonies. Their affinity for the sea was believed to be an inherent connection to their semi-aquatic heritage, enabling them to navigate treacherous waters with unmatched skill.

While their maritime achievements are renowned, the Hotenten are also accomplished in the arts of metal forging. This mastery of metallurgy has allowed them to fashion tools and weapons of unparalleled quality and strength, making them highly prized items among the other races.

Physical prowess is highly prized among the Hotenten, and they dedicate themselves to rigorous bodybuilding and training. Given that muscle mass continues to grow in the Hotenten species, the eldest members are typically adorned with the most impressive muscles and possess formidable strength.

These individuals are the backbone of their society, entrusted with the most demanding responsibilities, such as lifting heavy loads and undertaking physically demanding tasks. They also make up the bulk of the standing army of Hotenten lands, safeguarding it from countless dangers that surround them.

Celebrations and religious ceremonies also hold great significance in Hotenten culture. In elaborate rituals, they adorn themselves with magnificent feather and fur garments, paying homage to their history and traditions. Outsiders might be most struck by the awe-inspiring temples – colossal structures of stone dwarfing everything in its vicinity. These are dedicated to a pantheon of gods, including powerful deities of nature. At the heart of their beliefs is the King God, the divine embodiment of the Ark, revered above all others. These sacred ceremonies are an expression of their spiritual connection to the world and serve as a reminder of their place within the grand tapestry of existence.

While deeply rooted in their own culture and religion, their society is generally accepting of outsiders and their foreign customs. Strangers who arrive on their shores will be greeted with open minds and hearts, and their practices honored and celebrated. However, the Hotenten hold one steadfast rule: if their own people deviate from their religious practices, punishment would be swift and severe, as deviation is considered a betrayal of the values that bound them together.


The Hotenten or “Lizardmen” were first discovered on Laksha by human scientists. They were surprised by the find as the species heavily resembled the Earthen lizard, only bipedal and far more robust. A case of convergent evolution was ruled out as their genetic code seemed to be distinct and unlike any other species found on the planet. A plausible explanation given was that sometime in the ancient past, some space-faring civilization might have visited Earth, taken some lizards, modified them, and seeded them on Laksha. What the reason might have been remains unknown.

The discovery was considered fortunate as by the time of first contact, it was estimated only some 300-400 individuals were remaining. Dramatic climatic shifts have nearly threatened the species with extinction.

A decision was taken to transport these remaining Hotenten to a reserve in the Ark, where the conditions were more amicable. A century later, the Ark would get sealed following the Deluge onslaught. The Hotenten and all the other inhabitants were left to their own fate in a now completely isolated environment.


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