The Kirtimukha are an imposing sight, standing at 8 feet tall and their forms are adorned with various accessories [both synthetic and organic]. They form the elite-caste of a vast galactic empire, composed of hundreds of species. Honor-bound, they are noted both for their honesty, hospitality, and their ferocity against those unfortunate enough to wrong them.

Three-Body Solution

What can be considered an ‘individual’ in Kirtimukha society is actually 3 separate species living in beneficial symbiosis. These are the Kavaki, the Saanp, and the Nookar.Three-body solution: Speculative evolution alien symbiosis


A type of fungi-analog that infects the Saanp and integrates itself into its neural networks. The Kavaki is benevolent, the fungal tendrils acting as an extension of its consciousness, greatly enhancing its cognitive function and allowing it to achieve sapience. It also releases hormones that create physiological changes within the Saanp, making its respiratory system more efficient and its blood richer in oxygen-carrying capacity.


Saanp is a slender, cave-dwelling, and opportunistic predator with a hard chitinous exoskeleton, adapted for stealth and agility in its subterranean environment. It is semi-amphibious – equally adept at navigating both land and water. Once infected by a kavaki, it will begin searching for a Nookar host.

Once the suitable host is found, the Saanp latches onto its back, its razor-sharp legs piercing through the tough exterior of the Nookar’s skin and into its spinal column with surgical precision. Then it will begin to release enzymes that cause its biological material to merge with its host. Over time, the Nookar’s mouth, and snout would begin to wither, relying entirely on the Saanp for oxygen and flow of nutrients.


A large scavenger noted for its highly dense muscle fiber. It provides it with tremendous strength beyond what its appearance would suggest. This strength came in handy in the badlands they inhabited, allowing them to effortlessly dig for roots, scale sheer cliffs to reach hidden crevices, or even single-handedly move massive boulders in their relentless search for sustenance.

However, in the present era, the Nookar no longer can be found in its native ranges. Instead, it is now bred in specialized farms – for use when required for symbiosis. Meticulous care is taken to ensure the optimal development of a captive Nookar’s muscular anatomy, maximizing their potential as hosts for the Saanp.

They are noted to possess a voracious appetite, able to consume almost anything organic – from decaying, rotten flesh to tough, fibrous vegetation.

Society and Culture

Kirtimukha society is organized along martial lines, with traits such as courage, honor, and martial prowess valued above all else. Any Kirtimukha who would submit to an insult is considered unworthy of the esteemed Kirtimukha name.

Among their leaders and elites, there is a rather unusual practice of grafting various parts of other beings onto themselves. This process, known as “ascension” can only be achieved with the assistance of highly trained specialists, often revered for their mastery of the intricate art. Some note that it is this ‘exclusivity’ that makes it such a status symbol.

Still, it has its practicality. The grafting of additional limbs, enhanced sensory organs, or even augmented exoskeletal plates can significantly augment an individual’s combat or work capabilities, granting them an edge in battle, be it against foes or spreadsheets unmatched by their unmodified counterparts.

Once in a distant past, a special device was developed on commission by the then hierarch, Paropakaar Prakat, to democratize grafting. He was quickly overthrown in a silent coup and the prototype technology was sealed away far from Kirthimukha space, within the Ark, Infinity Horizon.

A Kirthimukha ‘household’ is defined by a single Kirthimukha acting as a guardian for a number of Saanp, nurturing them and making them ready for the symbiosis process. Descent matters little in Kithimukha society; after all, the Kirthimukha is composed of different beings so trying to trace a ‘lineage’ would be impractical. Rather, continuity is defined by the Saanp adopted by a Kirthimukha as its successors upon symbiosis.

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