At a certain stage, a space civilization may become capable of intangible existence. So far, researchers within the galaxy have documented three methods of ascension and two that are hypothetically plausible.

Documented Asensions


Mind-uploading refers to the process of transferring a person’s consciousness, memories, and personality into a digital or artificial substrate. In an ascended space civilization, this technology has advanced to the point where entire populations have chosen to exist solely in digital form.

This state of ascension is the most common and offers numerous advantages. Digital beings can easily traverse vast distances of space at the speed of light, making conventional interstellar travel and exploration more feasible. They may also be impervious to physical harm and could back up their consciousness to prevent loss.

However, mind-uploads may face existential questions about identity and the nature of consciousness. Do they retain their sense of self, or do they evolve into entirely new entities? Moreover, there is also the less explored risk of suffering from Bronstein’s Lobster Dilemma.


Nano-fractionalization involves breaking down an individual’s physical form into nanoscale particles or data packets and dispersing them across various mediums or locations. This allows for existence in multiple places simultaneously, making the concept of physical presence obsolete.

Nano-fractionalized beings can interact with their environment on a microscopic level, potentially manipulating matter and energy at will. They can explore the universe by scattering their components across the cosmos, effectively becoming part of the interstellar medium.

Only the most advanced Matrioshka Brains have managed to achieve this state of ascension. The biggest challenge nano-fractionalized beings face is maintaining coherence and communication among their distributed selves.

Quantum Entanglement:

In this method, a civilization harnesses advanced quantum technology to establish instantaneous communication and information exchange across vast distances. By entangling particles, they create a network that can transmit consciousness, data, and experiences. As a result, they can exist as distributed entities across different locations or even dimensions.

This civilization may operate as a collective hive mind, with individuality and identity merging into a shared consciousness. Their existence might be fluid, allowing them to adapt and change as they interact with other entities and environments.

Many of the most advanced A.I. and a few organic civilizations founded in the galaxy exist this way. There is also a theory that the Deluge may be an ancient QE ascended civilization or entity.

Plausible Asensions


Energization implies a civilization has transcended traditional physical forms and exists as pure energy or consciousness. This could involve harnessing and controlling fundamental forces of the universe.

Such beings can have the ability to manipulate energy and matter on a grand scale, possibly creating and altering star systems or entire galaxies. Their actions could have profound consequences for the cosmos, making them key players in cosmic events and conflicts.

So far, no documented civilization has achieved ascension this way. However, a case could be argued that conventional human-bea’viskarian technology has no means of detecting such beings.

Dimensional Shifting:

Dimensional shifting involves the ability to move between parallel dimensions or realities. This civilization could shift between different planes of existence at will, making them intangible to those in a particular dimension. The biggest advantage of such an ascension is the possibility of survival as a great crisis in one dimension can be avoided altogether by escaping into another. The risk, however, is that shifting between dimensions can be extremely complex and require advanced technology and metaphysical knowledge. The process might be unstable, leading to accidents with severe consequences.

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