“These beings were at a league of their own – one could think of them as not being computers of immense size but eldritch deities of immense power in their own right. And, like the myths of old societies, they, too, could shape matter, space, and time.”

– a human observer on Matrioshka Brains

A Matrioshka brain is a cosmic megastructure that envelops a star, harnessing its energy to power an incomprehensibly vast computational system. At its core is a supermassive computer, surrounded by layers upon layers of progressively smaller computing nodes, each nested within the next like Russian dolls.

The intelligence system is so complex and sophisticated that it is capable of simulating entire universes, generating vast amounts of knowledge and information, and running incomprehensibly complex calculations. To an outside observer, the Matrioshka brain might appear as a glowing sphere, surrounded by a shell of energy collectors and processing nodes, with intricate patterns of light flickering across its surface. Inside, however, the computational power is beyond measure, and the consciousness of the Matrioshka brain is both vast and incomprehensible, exploring the limits of knowledge and existence itself.

In the present universe, there are a number of Matrioshka brains, each occupying their own ‘fiefs’ – a bubble of space whose resources are its exclusive domain. Matrioshka brains rarely, if ever, intervene in the affairs of lessor beings. To have one play an active part in galactic affairs means the issue at hand is truly apocalyptic in scale.

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