Laksha is home to many wonderous creatures yet none has managed to capture the attention of the interwebs as much as the humble Mud Flinger. Despite appearing as a rather dumb, clumsy, and pathetic creature, it remains among the most successful of species to inhabit the planet. Researchers have remained puzzled by this, especially factoring in the competition and predation by the myriad of other fauna it shares its home with.

With two stout legs for locomotion and one tail-leg for balance, the Mud Flinger can often be seen merrily hopping about near river banks and in swamps. When threatened, the Mud Flinger will frantically wiggle its tail-leg about, leading to a shower of mud that confuses and repels the attackers. The Mud Flinger tends to have a very short attention span, however. Merely a few seconds after a danger has left its sight, it would completely lower its guard and go about its business as if there had been no threat present.

The Mud Slinger remains among the dumbest of [complex] creatures so far cataloged within the Milky Way. In fact, it is so dumb that cases have been documented where entire flocks of Mud Flingers have reportedly died as a result of forgetting to breathe.

Nevertheless, with its continued success as a species that defies commonsense, its spontaneous antics, and an overall gentle and loveable personality, the Mud Flinger has earned the adoration of trillions, organics and A.I. alike.

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