In the mighty lakes of Southern Laksha, one may be quick to encounter its apex predator – the Storm Serpent. Despite its moniker, it bears little resemblance to traditional serpents. Instead, it takes on the form of a sleek and sinuous eel with a striking green metallic sheen. Bioluminescent patterns flicker along its slender body, harmonizing with the creature’s potent electrical capabilities.

It is reported the creature has a strong affinity to lightning storms, irresistibly drawn to turbulent energy. Navigating the depths, following distant echoes of thunder and flashes of lightning, many a great storm serpents would congregate at the heart of the tempest.

One rather unique aspect of a Storm Serpent’s lifecycle is its reproduction method. Employing a technique called electroporation, the creature is able to inject its DNA into the developing larvae of other marine species. This process involves emitting controlled bursts of electricity, creating temporary pores in the cell membranes of the host organism. Once injected, the Storm Serpent’s genetic material behaves akin to a potent virus, rewriting parts of the host’s genetic code and directing it to undergo a metamorphosis. From here, it emerges as a new Storm Serpent, ready to mature and perpetuate the cycle.

Storm Serpent grows throughout their life. As a result, some specimens, where food is abundant, have been documented to reach lengths of up to 60 ft.

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