The Stormander, often dubbed a “living fossil,” closely resembles early hexopods that ventured onto land, marking a significant milestone in Laksha’s evolutionary history. With six limbs, each sporting three toes, it excels in climbing and maneuverability, traits inherited from its ancient ancestors. Bioluminescent patches on its skin, originally evolved to communicate, now have also adapted to serve as beacons in dimly lit environments due to dense vegetation and giant trees.

A generalist featuring four eyes and a single mouth, the Stormander’s head is well-equipped for sensory perception and feeding. Small hair-like spikes along its back and tail act as sensors for impending storms, a crucial survival mechanism. Perhaps most intriguingly, it retains gills, a throwback to its aquatic origins. In environments with high atmospheric moisture, these gills absorb water directly and are protected from damage by scale-like shields.

This entry was a result of a collab between Artnoob100, Dupers, and CrisPing. 

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