The Tharoch Aeth, meaning “Cutting Flame,” are the dominant species of Elgøaq, an artificial moon.  Their society is defined by a strict caste system, perpetual warfare, and the divine influence of their machine god, Vahl.


Speculative alien race
The head of a Tharoch Aeth soldier.

The Tharoch Aeth are humanoid in shape, characterized by an iron-rich exoskeleton – a feature only viable due to the unique, synthetic nature of their home.

It serves as their primary defense mechanism. Their faces are devoid of features except for two eyes and, in higher castes, horns. The lower half of their face opens like elytra, revealing dueling radulae used to scrape flesh. Respiration occurs through their exoskeleton, supplemented by orange, hair-like filaments that increase surface area and attract oxygen molecules due to their slight positive charge.

They have remarkable regenerative abilities, comparable to Earth’s lobsters, making them effectively immortal unless they fail to molt or are killed outright. This regenerative capacity, combined with their highly militant nature, makes their battles exceptionally brutal.

Cultural and Social Structure

The Tharoch Aeth society is strictly hierarchical, with a dimorphic caste system:

Spawn: The larval form, about the size of a volleyball, winged, and voracious. They swarm battlefields, dying in droves.

Soldier: The most common adult form, acting as infantry and laborers. This caste includes the same genetic line as spawn, knights, and paladins.

Knight: Older, battle-hardened soldiers who have molted numerous times, resulting in larger, stronger bodies with significant roles in and out of combat.

Paladin: Exceptional knights granted “The Gift of Vahl.” They undergo extensive physical and genetic modifications, resulting in supersoldiers with additional limbs, new organs, and mechanical elements.

General: Members of a distinct genetic caste, smaller than soldiers but with more ornate heads and an additional set of arms. They are the intellectual and administrative leaders, overseeing armies and clans.

Queen: The highest authority, save for Vahl. Queens focus on reproduction and are attended by soldiers to aid in molting, enabling some to live for thousands of years and grow to immense sizes.

Divine Influence and Warfare

Primitive alien weapons
A standard, wooden and stone Tharoch Aeth arsenal. From left to right: a club sword, a parrying shield, sling ammunition, and a great boomerang.

Vahl, the Tharoch Aeth’s god, orchestrates their wars and societal structure. Vahl retains full control over Elgøaq’s infrastructure, having overseen its creation. Through nanomachines pervasive in the environment, Vahl can manipulate the planet, including its inhabitants at a molecular level.

The Gift of Vahl

Knights of notable valor who offer significant sacrifices to Vahl can become paladins. The transformation involves profound physical and genetic alterations, producing warriors capable of turning the tide in battles.

Divine Weapons

Vahl also bestows advanced weapons upon the Tharoch Aeth, significantly altering the course of their conflicts. These weapons range from superior metal arms to devastating implements comparable to hydrogen bombs.

Conflict and Economy

The Tharoch Aeth’s constant warfare may stem from both theological and practical motivations. Elgøaq’s limited resources, especially those necessary for sustaining life, drive the Tharoch Aeth to invade other territories. Their economy uses leather strips as currency, indicating a level of societal complexity and resource management.

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