The Thyrs [monsters] are another derivative of humans. Bigger, stronger, and hardier than the base humans, the Thyrs were created first during the YeXXx rebellion as standard infantry to be used against the Bea’viskar Empire.

With the passage of time, the Thyrs, like the other races inhabiting the ark, have forgotten about their origins. Presently, most Thyrs tend to live in small transient bands and supplement their herder lifestyle through either trade with civilized races or raiding their settlement.

Occasionally, a war chief might grow his tribe to a substantial size and subjugate other competing Thyrs tribes, forming a vast nomadic empire threatening all civilized realms unfortunate enough to share a border. Such empires generally tend to be short-lived and unravel quickly a generation or two after the founder’s death.

Thyr folk legends do, however, talk about a time when they once formed a great civilization. However, following wars with other races, it fell, and the Thyrs ever since became a scattered people.  

As expert craftsmen, their weapons and armor are highly prized by merchants and warriors alike.

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