Ionis III is a planet similar in size to Mars, with gravity about 80% of Earth’s. The atmosphere is similar to Earth, save for much high oxygen content, at 34% of the total. Atmospheric pressure is much higher as well, nearly 53% higher than that of Earth.

Ionis has a mostly temperate climate, with minimal seasonal variation. There is a thin tropical band at the equator and small ice caps at the poles, but most of the planet experiences a steady temperature of 4-14 C (40-60 F) year-round. The surface of the planet is an impressive 85% water, with 98% of the land in one single supercontinent. The remaining land is scattered across the oceans, in several small volcanic island chains. The largest, the Tessle Islands, is home to the Russet-Backed Skahl.

Ocean planet map. Curious archive

The Tessle Islands have a climate typical to most of Ionis III – cool temperatures, high humidity, and frequent rains dominate. There are only two seasons – cool winters with heavy rain, and mild summers with even more rain. Most of the islands are heavily forested with tree analogs very similar to pines and firs but with much larger, stronger branches. Some of the larger islands have interior scrublands, which are covered in grass and bush analogs. The ecosystem has dozens of prey species to choose from, but no predators larger than a fox or lynx. The Skahls’ reign over the islands is uncontested.

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