Many millions of years ago, a Howler expedition to Earth brought with it some lizards as curios. They were later released into the ark’s ecosystem. Present day, their descendants strike terror as the apex predators of their domain.

Measuring an average length of 17.4 feet, Sacrissian is an imposing monster that lurks in the forest margins. With a clack of its razor-sharp beak, the Sacrissian weaves around tree trunks in pursuit of its favored prey, the frondili, a spry deer. When the chase leads to an open clearing amidst the sprawling prairies, the Sacrissian’s true prowess is unveiled. Its enormous frame effortlessly closes the distance, and with a thunderous impact, its horned crest strikes the unfortunate beast with bone-crushing force, sealing its fate.

There are few places on the continents it is native to that are free from its terror. These ferocious predators often quickly dominate the environment they hunt in, either forcing other predators out of their range or simply tearing them apart in kind. Fortunately, a Sacrissian’s hunting range is vast, and as such, it is rare to see two or more within miles of each other.

This guest entry was done by Terry Maranda, Creator of Sol’Kesh Bestiary.


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