Kallol is the homeworld of the Shifter civilization. A billion years ago, it was also once the homeworld of the Nokk before their genetic liquidation by the Shifters. Once a thriving ocean ecosystem rich in biodiversity, over the eons, it has been completely transformed by the Shifters.

Everything that now is considered living has been genetically altered in some way by the Shifters to suit the needs of their civilization. This includes the vast ocean itself which isn’t liquid water per se but a massive super-organism that covers the planet’s surface. It is composed of highly gelatinous neural cells about 1 inch in diameter – together they work to create an organic network to help transmit information across the planet. They may also be employed by a Brain-core [Shifter’s organic super-commputers] as short and long-term memory storage – allowing it to work more efficiently.

Below the living ocean lies the Kallarian Mesh. It is composed of an intricate network of interconnected root-like structures spanning the ocean floor, forming a symbiotic relationship with the gelatinous neural cells above. The Kallarian Mesh serves as a nutrient-rich foundation, anchoring the living ocean and providing support to the diverse array of genetically modified flora and fauna that thrive within its bounds.

Strategically placed across the ocean’s expanse are colossal coral reefs, reaching miles in height. They serve as ‘cities’ for the Shifters – being the hub of their activities and what can be counted as their form of ‘commerce.’

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