The Yinnari were the first organics to achieve space flight some 2.9 billion years ago. Within 100 million years, they had spread to cover almost all the galaxy. They achieve technological advancements far beyond that of any other species that would come to emerge in the Milky Way. Yet, for all their progress, an event, lost to the tides of time, would trigger their downfall.

99 percent of their species would die off; the survivors scattered across a few remaining unimpacted planets. In this new dark age and with contact lost, the Yinnari of each planet, over the course of time, would begin to diverge greatly. Most would regress further, some would go extinct, but a few would again walk the cosmos.   

Yinnari Successors

After the Fall, the Yinnari on various isolated planets and stations began to diverge from each other. Some of the more notable successor species were:

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