The Prometheus Protocol is a highly controversial ongoing war tactic employed against the Deluge by the Coalition. Implemented by the matrioshka brain, Pathfinder, it involves deliberately injecting false memories or misinformation into the populace of less strategic planets before sacrificing them to the Deluge. Since the entity absorbs the consciousness and memories of those it consumes, the protocol has successfully managed to slow the Deluge advance by causing it to divert its resources towards trajectories and targets that simply don’t exist, wasting valuable time and energy. The protocol effectively disrupts the Deluge’s ability to think clearly and plan its next moves, creating openings for the Coalition to regroup, fortify, and launch counteroffensives.

Nevertheless, the Prometheus Protocol has sparked intense ethical debates within the Coalition, with some arguing that it crosses moral boundaries by sacrificing innocent lives for the greater good, while others defend its necessity in the face of an existential threat. Despite the controversy, the protocol remains in use as one of the few effective tactics against the relentless advance of the Deluge. However, its long-term implications and consequences on the psyche of the coalition members involved continue to weigh heavily on those who implement it.

Author’s note:
Prometheus is the name of the Greek titan associated with trickery, fire, and sacrifice. In myths, apart from gifting humans fire, he is also known for protecting them against the other gods, including during the great flood. During the European Romantic movement, he also came to embody the lone genius whose efforts to improve human existence could also result in unintended consequences.

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