In the Dread Woods, as the night comes, one can often hear the howls of the Tele Teka. A descendant of Earth’s great apes, it measures five feet tall, is bipedal, and stands in a crouch. The ape has very poor eyesight and feels its way around using its long, sensitive fingers. The Tela Teka is an opportunistic omnivore, eating wild berries, insects, eggs, and even a young animal if given the chance. Adult males may also hunt larger game, restraining them with their long arms before springing forward to deliver a killing bite.

Like most apes, Tela Teka smiles when aggressive. Though, observers have noted them to be always smiling. Some Tela Teka have learned to venture into human settlements, reaching in through windows to check for occupants. If an infant is found, the ape will snatch it. If a sleeping human is discovered, the ape will leap in through the window to kill them.

Often, the Tela Teka would already have pre-selected its human target, following it through the woods to the village – a smile always present on its face. The human would not be found the following morning.

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