The ark is a giant experiment in how various introduced species can adapt and integrate into existing ecosystems. One highly successful example of this species’ naturalization is an ankylosaurus-analog commonly found inhabiting the various subtropical floodplains. Originally named Iratotherium Pertinax (Stubborn Wrathful Beast) by the scientists that discovered the animal, the modern-day natives refer to it by a different name – Tiranyokx (The Shield that Walks).

Standing 12 ft at shoulders and weighing up to 45 tons, the Tiranyokx is an imposing beast. However, it shares its ecosystem with even larger carnivores. Fortunately, to aid in its defense, the animal is equipped with weapons on both its tail and head as well as possessing a near-bulletproof armor. Its bright coloration serves as a warning signal to not be messed with

This was a guest entry by artist and community member, RazNigar. You can check out more of his work here.

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